How To Lose Face Fat; According To Top Aestheticians

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Fuller cheeks make you look more adorable at a young age! However, as we grow up, people are more attracted to slimmed faces and sharp facial features like jawline and sculpted cheekbones. An inactive lifestyle and bad food choices can result in excessive fat accumulation and signs of a double chin that annoys you more. But how to lose face fat? Are there any reliable treatments or therapies to get rid of those extra fat inches from areas of the chin, neck and cheeks? You can explore the aesthetic industry to find the best aesthetic treatment available for losing facial fat. 

Many think aesthetic practices only target anti-ageing signs of wrinkles and fine lines. It also takes on fat reduction/dissolving treatments, and trained aesthetic practitioners will help you understand how to lose weight in your face. Get a consultation on fat reduction with Exclusive Aesthetics & Wellbeing, the best aesthetic clinic in London, to familiarise yourself with the treatment. Let’s take an overview of the facial fat reduction journey with the help of this comprehensive blog to cover how to lose face fat. 

Early Signs & Causes of Face Fat 

Spotting the sign of facial fat can be too easy; once you start gaining weight, you can see the difference clearly on the face. Here are the early signs of face fat that you can spot to address the issue of how to lose weight in your face:

Increase Puffiness 

The common sign of face fat is puffiness all over the face, including the area beneath the eyes, nose, and cheeks. You can easily notice this in the morning by looking into the mirror to spot the difference. It is called a moon face and occurs when the body has extra fat or fluid. 

Fuller Cheeks 

Most of the time, fuller cheeks appear naturally on your face; however, as you gain weight, you can also develop fuller cheeks, which is a sign of face fat. It will make your face appear round, oval, and full, while the cheeks might appear swollen. 

Double Chin 

The double chin, also known as submental fat, is an emerging sign of face fat. Once you leave it as usual, it will become a stubborn fat on the face. If you spot this around your neck, try face yoga for double chin to get rid of this. 

Softer Jawline

Another possible sign of face fat is a less defined jawline and chin due to excess fat tissue around those areas. It can alter the shaping and contour of your face and create a fuller look for the face. 

Causes for Facial Fat 

Before heading towards how to lose face fat, let’s explore some of the key reasons why you are getting facial fat:

  • Due to hormonal fluctuations, you might gain weight around your face; for women, it can be period issues, and for others, thyroid.
  • Improper diet and less water retention can be another major cause of facial fat.
  • Genetics plays a major role in the appearance of facial fat and making your face appear fuller.
  • High intake of calories can also result in facial fat.
  • An inactive lifestyle and less practice of facial exercise can result in more fat on the face. 

How to Get Rid of Face Fat: Explore Aesthetic Treatments!

Most people search for ‘how to lose face fat quick’, and effective methods such as facial exercises are available. However, there might be cases where these methods don’t help you lose weight from the face. So, to address the issue, you can explore aesthetic treatments that will make the transformation easy and fast. 

HIFU Skin Tightening 

Losing weight from your face can be challenging; you can’t just lose the entire fat in one day! So, how to lose face fat in a week? Consult with practising aestheticians for non-invasive treatments like Skin tightening. It effectively works to shrink fat tissue by targeting radiofrequency to help you lose weight with no delays. HIFU Skin tightening uses ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen production resulting in making your skin look tighter. 

HIFU Facelift Treatment 

Another way out for how to lose weight in your face is HIFU Facelift treatment, a non-invasive technique to revitalise and refresh your face. With the help of this procedure, it is easy to lose face fat from the face and jawline. HIFU Facelift treatment is one of the exclusive fat-reducing treatments customised based on individual requirements. It creates a target-based solution for losing facial fat. 

Consult Exclusive Aesthetics & Wellbeing to Lose Face Fat!

If you are in search of reliable experts who will help you with the best aesthetic treatment in London, consider Exclusive Aesthetics & Wellbeing. We are here with years of experience in the aesthetic industry and high-end practices with our aestheticians to help you achieve flawless skin tone and texture. Get in touch with our experts to understand how to lose face fat with our customised treatment in London, and let us help you achieve perfectly contoured facial features!

Here, Lidiya Yordanova, Our facial aesthetician, will help you with common queries:

What are some common misconceptions related to facial fat?

Some common misconceptions that we had to discuss with our clients related to facial fat include the belief that facial exercises can specifically target and reduce fat in the face, the idea that spot reduction is possible, and the assumption that all facial fat is unhealthy.

Is it fine to have some face fat? What points make it look not normal?

Having some face fat is completely normal and can vary from person to person based on genetics, age, and overall body composition. However, excessive face fat can sometimes be associated with health conditions such as obesity or hormonal imbalances. Signs that facial fat may not be normal include sudden or unexplained weight gain in the face, puffiness or swelling that doesn’t go away, or changes in facial appearance that are concerning.

How do you select the right aesthetic treatment to get rid of facial fat?

I would always suggest having a consultation prior to going ahead with any treatment to address all of the concerns and make the best treatment plan based on the client’s individual goals and budget.

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